Feel At Home In Your Rental!

Apartments are usually small places that can get crowded at times. This is especially true if you are not living alone or if you have many things. Some renters sometimes get the feeling they are not at home in their rental, and that shouldn’t be the case. Why don’t you make life easier and learn some tricks to make yourself at home in your rental? These great tips can be applied to any version Hill apartments!

One of the best things you can easily do in any rental is changing the lights. If you buy new lighting items for your rental, you will totally change the atmosphere. Plus, you will not be spending that much cash, and you will start to feel at home. However, if you are low on cash right now, there are great DIY projects on the internet that teach you to design your lights! Why don’t you give it a try?

If your landlord agrees, you can give the place you live a new life by painting it up. You can choose a light color, but stay away from white! Go for warm beige, a light yellow or pink or a nice blue. Light colors will open up the room, but it will make it much warmer as well. All apartments for rent in Vernon Hills Il will look greater with fresh paint on their walls! However, if you cannot paint, then you should try temporary wallpaper. Choose a pattern that fits your style and you are good to go!

If you want to decorate, those apartments for rent don’t give you many options since they usually come with the landlord’s furniture. However, a smart way to revive a rental without changing the furniture is painting it! It will make it look fresh and new, and you will feel more bonded to that place. However, if your landlord does not agree with painting his pieces, you can always use the walls to decorate. Hang your favorite pictures, great scenes or paintings on walls. If you are bored of that too, you can invest in cheap, cool shelves and place them on walls. After that, you can fill them with books and other decorative objects. They will not only look amazing but also expand your storage space as well!

If you feel your rental is not exactly what you need, start investing in it. Change what you do not like, whether it’s door knobs or shower head or shower curtain. This move will make you feel like you belong there more, and the place will start to feel like home afterwards. Living in a rental is not always great, but you can improve your living standards by trying one or more of the tricks you see listed above. Always think smart and stay creative, it will improve your lifestyle!